About Restaurant

   Restaurant "Villa Natali" is situated at the first floor of our Hotel and it offer to you the posibility to travel around the best cooking school from Europe.
In our restaurant menu you can find international food, as well our chef's masterpieces.  Persons well-skilled in the art of cooking will create for you a great holiday for your stomach.
   The restaurant doors are open:
At 7:30 AM till 10 AM we invite you for breakfast. At 12 AM till  8 PM we invite you for business lunch and dinner, where you can taste the best food.
  During the conversation with your friends or colleagues, the best thing will make this perfect is our tea assortment: classic black, green or fruit tea or you can choose a flavored coffee. And the best way to end your day is to take dinner in a quite and warm place.
   Also, we offer the posibility to spend any festivity at our restaurant. We are glad to help you with a fourchette, banquet, a theme night or a romantic dinner.
"Villa Natali" Chatering- We create the atmosphere wherever you are!

"Villa Natali" Chatering provide:
(Family holidays, birthaday party)
Villa Natali Chatering provide a big feast for a festive table or theme party. If you want to celebrate a birthaday party or you want to have a party with your family, friends, work colleagues, a banquet, we provide you a generous offer of our standard or personalized menu.
(Prezentation, conference, banquet, company or private parties)
Fourchette is an event where guests can walk , communicate and change experience. You can opt for direct service to each guest, especially for traditional Swedish buffet. Carefully decorated, our dishes satisfy the most exacting tastes in dining, the national specific.
(A moment of relaxation during a seminar or a training)
Coffee break- a perfect break during your negociation, meetings, conference, seminars and other special events. Additional to the coffee and tea, coffee break can include a a wide range of cookies, sandwiches, fresh baking, that will not leave your guests indifferent.
Business luch
(A complexe lunch for everybody taste)

   Whether you're out for a relaxing day or having a business meeting or simply looking for a quick lunch, our Business lunch menu suits every taste.